Heat-expandable microcapsules

KUREHA microspheres are thermally expandable microcapsules developed by Kureha. They are used in a wide range of applications, including automobile components, footwear soles, foaming ink, and adhesives.

About the product

  • KUREHA microspheres are thermally expandable microcapsules.
  • They consist of polymer shells encapsulating gas as a blowing agent (mainly aliphatic hydrocarbon). When the gas inside the shell is heated, it increases capacity and softens thermoplastic shells, resulting in a dramatic volume increase.
  • Hollow and extremely light plastic balloons are formed by its expansion rate of about 50-250 times.
KUREHA Microsphere after expansion thermally expandable microcapsulesBefore and after the expansion of Microsphere


  • Lightweighting
    Automotive interiors/underbody coatings
    Footwear soles
  • Design
    Synthetic leather
    Foaming ink
  • Others
    Heat-insulating materials
    Anti-slip agents


  • Sharp expansion
    Range of starting expansion temperature and maximum temperature is narrow
  • Good particle size distribution
    Contributes to uniform foaming
  • Whiteness
    Less yellowing by heat discoloration at the time of heating

Installation advantages

With the added benefit of helping to reduce material costs and weight while maintaining their durability.


Grade lineup

KUREHA Microsphere Specifications Grade-lineup

Expansion Ratio/Temperature