Knowledge of the world’s pioneer.

As a pioneer of petroleum pitch-based carbon fiber, Kureha’s “KRECA” carbon fiber is highly regarded by industries worldwide for its high purity, flexibility, and broad product range.

Features of Kureha’s carbon fiber “KRECA”

  • About the world’s leading pioneer
    In 1970, Kureha industrialized pitch-based carbon fiber for the first time in history. Since then, our innovative technology has been meeting the challenges and various requirements of our customers all over the world.
  • High-purity products
    KRECA carbon fiber is made from petroleum pitch, which has a low level of metal impurity. It is therefore superior in terms of oxidation resistance and has a longer working life when used inside a furnace.
  • Produced from raw material using an integrated process
    Kureha produces carbon fiber from the raw material pitch by means of an integrated process. It is then chopped, milled, felt-punched, and machined for the insulation we manufacture, enabling us to produce both flexibly and sustainably to achieve high-quality results.
  • Broad range of products
    KRECA has a broad range of products that meet a variety of customer needs, including yarn, felt, chopped fiber, rigid felt, and rigid slurry.
  • Quality control and environmental management system certificates obtained
    Kureha’s parent factory in Iwaki, Japan is certified in accordance with quality control standard ISO9001 and environmental management system standard ISO14001.

Basic Physical Properties

KUREHA KRECA Carbon Fiber Basic Physical PropertiesMeasuring method: Kureha standard test method. *Temperature at which weight reduction is 1 % when held 24 hours.


Rigid insulating material. Base board and cylindrical shapes can be molded to meet specifications.


Nonwoven fabric made from carbon fiber.


Chopped and milled carbon fibers.


Fabric woven from carbon fibers.

KRECA Paper/Veil Mat

Paper-like form made from KRECA Chop.