High-performance, heat-resistant paper

About the product

  • KRECA Paper is made from KRECA Chop using the paper manufacturing process.
  • KRECA Veil Mat is formed by an air-layered process using KRECA Chop as a raw material.
  • KRECA Veil Mat is thicker and stronger than KRECA Paper.

Main applications

  • Carbon paper: For lining mats in ceramic baking processes, quartz production processes, etc.
  • Reinforcement material for plastic and cement
  • Adds electrical conductivity and sliding properties to the compound


  • Sliding properties: Cut carbon fiber improves sliding properties
  • Corrosion resistance: Reduces corrosion
  • Heat resistance: Suitable for high-temperature use
  • High purity: Low contamination to the product in contact
  • High affinity: High affinity to the soaking resin


KUREHA KRECA Paper Veil Mat Carbon Fiber Specifications