Bead-shaped activated carbon

High-purity, high-quality activated carbon

About the product

  • Kureha Bead-shaped Activated Carbon (BAC) is a highly spherical activated carbon with petroleum as its raw material.
  • BAC has various unique features in addition to its original adsorption performance.
KUREHA Bead-Shaped Activated Carbon BAC

Main applications

  • Water treatment
  • Exhaust gas, water purification
  • Cleanroom air filters, chemical filters
  • Polysilicon production processes
  • Trichlorosilane purification


Six features of BAC

  • High fill capability
    Due to its high bulk density, BAC is able to achieve high fill density compared to coal-based activated carbon or coconut shell-based activated carbon of the same volume capacity.
  • High flowability
    Due to the high flowability ensured by its spherical shape, BAC reaches all areas of complex-shaped containers.
  • Low carbon dust
    BAC generates less carbon dust due to the bead formation process that does not use binders.
  • High purity
    High purity prevents product contamination.
  • High strength, high wear resistance
    High strength and high wear resistance prevent carbon contamination from BAC.
  • Narrow particle size distribution
    Grades are set by average particle size, providing consistent quality.

Six features are ensured by the proprietary production process.

  • BAC is produced from the raw material pitch, using an integrated process.
  • BAC uses the raw material pitch with low metal impurities.
  • Beads are formed without any binders.
  • Uniform infusion and activation process on fluidized beds contribute to the consistent quality.

Installation advantages

  • High flowability makes BAC suitable for fluidized bed-type filters.
  • High wear resistance contributes to a longer lifetime in fluidized bed filters.



KUREHA Bead-shaped Activated Carbon BAC Specifications Grades

Characteristic Values

KUREHA Bead-shaped Activated Carbon BAC Specifications Characteristic Values*Measuring method: BET method.

Metal Impurity Data

KUREHA Bead-shaped Activated Carbon BAC Specifications Metal Impurity DataMeasuring method: Kureha standard test method / Unit: ppm

Cleanness (Carbon dust quantity)

KUREHA Bead-shaped Activated Carbon BAC Specifications Cleanness Carbon dust quantityMeasuring method: Kureha standard test method.

Wear resistance capability under water

KUREHA Bead-shaped Activated Carbon BAC Specifications Wear resistance capability under waterMeasuring method: Kureha standard test method.

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