A specialty company in constant pursuit of excellence

Kureha is a Japan-based chemical company that has been supplying unique products to customers all over the world for 75 years. We constantly contribute to the good of society and the world by innovating and delivering world-leading quality products.


Kureha GmbH is located in Düsseldorf, Germany. We have been operating our sales and marketing business for the Europe region since 1963. Our mission is to supply unique products to European customers, quickly delivered from local stocks, and to generate new business with partners. We deal with various products, such as fluoro products (PVDF resin for li-ion batteries and injection/extrusion molding, fishing line), carbon products (heat insulators, fillers for plastic resin, activated carbon), and chlorine products (PVDC mono-layer film for food packaging).


Kureha GmbH
Liesegangstrasse 17A
40211 Duesseldorf

Telephone: +49 211 369710
Fax: +49 211 369574
E-Mail: kureha@kureha-gmbh.de