Excellent heat-resistant fabric and raw material for CFRP

About the product

KRECA Cloth is widely used as a cushioning material in high-temperature furnaces due to its superior purity and flexibility. It is also used as a raw material to make CFRP for bearings.

KUREHA Carbon Fiber KRECA Cloth

Main applications

  • Base material for carbon fiber composites (CFRP, CFC)
  • Surface treatment for KRECA FR


  • Sliding properties: Cut carbon fiber improves sliding properties
  • Chemical resistance: Less reaction to corrosive chemicals
  • Heat resistance: Suitable for use in high-temperature atmosphere
  • High strength: Suitable for protective treatment

Installation advantages

  • Suitable for improving sliding properties in cloth form
  • Suitable for protecting target material inside furnace


KUREHA KRECA Cloth Carbon Fiber SpecificationsMeasuring method: Kureha standard test method.