Carbon Fiber Felt for High-Temp Insulation and Corrosive Protection

KRECA Felt is used as a flexible insulation material and particularly suitable for induction furnaces due to its low bulk density.

About the product

  • KRECA Felt is a felt-formed, nonwoven fabric with low density.
  • It is formed by needle-punching carbon fibers.
  • We have three types of KRECA Felt available: KRECA Felt C, KRECA Felt G, and KRECA Felt X
KUREHA Carbon Fiber KRECA Felt CKRECA Felt C

Main applications

  • Insulation for devices that metalize film by aluminum vapor deposition, or insulation for furnaces in which the temperature is higher than 1,000 degrees Celsius
  • Also used as protection in workplaces exposed to high temperatures and corrosive chemicals


  • KRECA Felt features high purity and can prevent contamination.
  • KRECA Felt is flexible, which enables it to be easily applied as cushions or insertions
  • High uniformity in terms of thickness provides customers with good handling ability and stable quality.

Installation advantages

  • KRECA Felt features high-purity properties and can protect manufactured goods from contamination, thus contributing to high-quality production.
  • Felt can be used for manufacturing silicon ingots.
  • Felt can be used for light maintenance.


Weight reduction by oxidation

KUREHA KRECA Felt Carbon Fiber Specifications Weight Reduction by OxidationThe rate of temperature increase: 5 degrees Celsius per min.

Types and Grades

KUREHA KRECA Felt Carbon Fiber Specifications Types Grades

Typical Physical Properties and Characteristics

KUREHA KRECA Felt Carbon Fiber Specifications Typical Physical Properties CharacteristicsMeasuring method: Kureha standard test method. *At 1,000 degress Celsius, test pieces with 50 mm thickness.


KUREHA KRECA Felt Carbon Fiber Specifications Packaging